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John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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Welcome to ChristianSatellite.tv

Satellite TV - Australian based

 small worldChristian Satellite TV brings the world right into your living room, 24 hours a day! World News Networks, Ethnic Community TV and Many Christian Ministries has chosen satellite to broadcast their programs world wide.  With no monthly fees and just one setup cost you will be surprised at how easy it is to have good quality TV in your home.  If you already have Christian Satellite TV in your home you may like to partner the Lord and sponsor another installation.  Email us for free quote or go to About Us to learn more about satellite TV!

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Sales and Enquiries



- Over 12 inspiring Christian Channels to choose.

- Plus other Religious and Ethnic community TV Channels.

- And receive several World News Channels as well.

- Over 30 Channels in all!

Family friendly programming that promotes God given values.

Specifically tailored programming suitable for your children.

Bible based Presentations, Interviews, Mission Stories and News. Variety, Music, Movies and Entertainment.

Unable to get to church—have church come to you!

Give your faith a lift!

An easy way to share your faith with a friend!

Basic Satellite Kits start from only $265 au plus delivery for DIY,

or add installion/setup costs if required (recommended)


All Enquiries

Arthur on: (02) 6361 36 36 (Australia)

or Rod (installations) on 0427 558 187

for nsw central coast and hunter region


please note the Trinity broadcasting network- includes church.tv is

not on the optus D2 satellite platform from jan2016 TBA on changes










Sponser a Child

Children are a community's greatest resource. By becoming a sponsor, you help provide a child with the opportunity to become a healthy and fulfilled adult, experience God's love, hear and respond to the Gospel, and bring about lasting change to their families and communities.

Feed the Hungry

For every Six dollars we receive to feed EveryChild EveryDay (ECED), we can send 100 meals around the world! Become a Take Away Hunger supporter regularly giving $6 a week and you can save a multitude of children.

Satellite TV Optus D2

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